Monday, March 8, 2010

Failing Faith: Genesis 27

[Read Genesis 27]

Some of the coolest stories in the Bible were made possible by incredible faith. Gideon was able to defeat the mighty armies of Midian because he had faith that God would deliver them into his hand. David was able to defeat a man not only twice his size but also wearing full body armor and possesing far superior weapons. If David had even the tiniest lapse of faith, he would have been doomed. Instead, he went into the battle with the faith that there was no way he could loose, and as a result a miracle so amazing happened that even non-believers know the story. The list goes on and on, from Abraham to Paul and countless times in between. Every time we see the same quality (faith) end the same way (mind-boggling victory). Now look at the story of Jacob and the stolen blessing.

Now all of these faith stories started with conflict. Gideon had to face many thousands of Midianites with a much smaller force. David had to fight a man who in all aspects was clearly a better fighter. Jacob was watching as Isaac, his father, was about to give his twin brother Esau the blessing that was rightfully his. All three started with the same ingredient- conflict. Yet the final results were very different. In Gideon and David's cases, we have some of the most amazing stories in the Bible. In this case, we have a sad story characterized by lying and manipulation. It isn't because Gideon and David knew God, because Jacob knew God too. The place where Jacob and Rebekah go wrong is faith.

Let us pretend for a minute that Jacob exercised faith in this situation. What would have happened? Well, Jacob had the birthright. That meant that he was also going to recieve the blessing from Isaac. Now God's promises materialize 100% of the time. Since God said Jacob was going to recieve the blessing, there is no way that this story could have turned out with him not recieving the blessing. This means that, if Jacob had faith, something miraculous would have happened in order for Jacob to recieve it. Another awesome story of faith and God's power would have occured. Instead, this story is remembered for the sins Jacob and Rebekah commited rather than a miracle from God.

This is in no way an indictment against Jacob's faith. In fact, Jacob is found in Hebrews 11, a passage many like to call the Hall of Faith. Instead, I want to look at this in relation to us. God has colossal plans for our lives. Obviously, His plan for our life is one of victory, because why would God make His plan for our lives a failing one? So, just like Jacob, we already have victory in our lives just waiting to be snatched. Our problem is in faith. If we have faith in God's plan, our lives will be ones of victory for His kingdom. It is already in His plan for us to succeed. The only thing in our way is....ourselves. No outside force can stop God's plan for our lives. If God says something will happen, it will happen if we walk in faith that it will. I encourage all of you, brothers andd sisters, to walk in faith today. God has the victory for me and for you, all we need to do is grab it.

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